Pureos 10 and plasma

I do not find the pureos10 plasma byzantium iso. Can anyone please tell me where i can download it?

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Thank you.

Keep in mind this is an experimental build we have, so it might not be as tested as other versions of PureOS we have

I use byzantium a long as it is there with KDE-Plasma. Plasma is so stable, that I never hat problems. But I know, that I can get me into trouble. Thanks.

I installed Plasma on my Purism 13.V3 with nearly no problems. At first I installed synaptic, so I could see, if dependencies were not met. I had to update more then 700 packages, only three of them did make problems. What was not possible, was encrypting my harddisks. Is/will there be away to do that later?

For anyone who (like me) couldn’t find the address for downloading PureOS 10, here it is : https://downloads.puri.sm/byzantium/gnome/2021-04-18/