PureOS-10-'Byzantium'-devel .iso image gets the spring refresh

greetings PureOSers and not only !

here it is > https://downloads.pureos.net/byzantium/gnome/2021-04-18/

the GNOME-OEM hasn’t been updated yet … at least i don’t see it !

i just wanted to drop this here in case people were looking for it.

thank you Purism staff for releasing this just a day after the Ubuntu 21.04 RC !

for those of you looking for the release date, that would be 22 April (they say). i sometimes get kernel incompatibilities with updates on PureOS Byzantium so new .iso images help alot since it doesn’t take much time clean-installing a GNU/Linux distro on an SSD. on my LMv2 i’ve got an NVME so that should be even faster (couple min at most i estimate).

i’ll try to update at less frequent intervals to see if that helps reduce the kernel incompatibilities i get.

edited : newer version than my original 16. it seems 18 is latest.