PureOS 10 desktop won't boot

Hi Friends,
My pure os 10 only logins to a purple background with a small terminal screen on the top left corner. This happen after doing distro upgrade from 9 to 10
Kindly advice. Thank you

So you have a login: prompt?

Photo of screen?

Yes can login to a blank desktop with a small terminal screen on top.

So can you login? i.e. enter username to prompt, press Enter, and enter password when prompted?

(I think if a Linux DE does this, it usually indicates a problem starting the graphical environment, which could be a range of problems - graphics driver not working, some config file incorrect. So you would look at system logging to see whether it sheds any light on what the problem was.)

Obvious question: what hardware are you running this on?

Dell laptop Inspiron i3

Hmmm. So what graphics does that have? (Also: What CPU does that have?)

If it has an Intel CPU with integrated graphics then I would expect it to be working. Anything else and that’s probably the problem i.e. graphics driver broken by upgrade.

Reformatted hd and reinstalled fresh os. Solved. Tq.