Pureos 3.0 and Tails os 3.0

Pureos 3.0 Tails os 3.0
1.Based on Debian 9 Based on Debian 9
2.Port gnome to touchscreen Port gnome to touchscreen
3.Port pureos to arm (Librem phone) Port Tails os to arm
4.Focus on privacy Focus on privacy
5.Open source Open source

Purism could help Tails developers as pureos and tails have so much in common.If they work separately it is a waste of valuable resources( time ,people ).

should be nice to see them cooperate saving alot of time and maybe money

If you research it a little bit, you will see that Tails is an amnesic live system (essentially a “disposable” system), not fundamentally meant to be used preinstalled; and PureOS has a focus on usability in addition to security/privacy, providing productivity and creativity apps by default (which the Tails target demographic wouldn’t care about)… Tails also has no focus on pure software freedom in the FSF style (in the interest of being compatible with “any” hardware, I presume), hence why it is specifically not endorsed by the FSF.

So as you can see, completely different focus.

New dev blog post: https://puri.sm/posts/bits-about-pureos/ touches this topic.