Pureos 3.0 Beta 1?

I noticed that a new snapshot for pureos 3.0 ( snapshot 20161210) on 10 December ( https://downloads.puri.sm/snapshots/20161210/ ).Is there going to be a beta 1 release.
I would like pureos 3.0 to be stable (like rock solid stable) . Purism is doing a great job,keep up the good work.
I would have loved to take pureos 3.0 to a ride but my hardware is pretty old . When I install a new linux/bsd distro it fails halfway through the installation , but if I’m lucky I might just make it . This is becuase of faulty HDD. I am usually a distro hopper but stopped because I might brick my system. I am currently using debian 8.6 lxde.
When Purist services alpha gets released I would definitely check it out.
Thanks you Purism for keeping my hopes up on a fully free/open source (hardware and software) devices.

Is pureos 3.0 forked from debian or is it based on debian ?
Librem 11 & 10 indiegogo page says it is a fork of debian (like Devuan) - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/librem-2-in-1-tablet-that-does-not-track-you-laptop-computer#/
Pureos page says it is a derivative of debian -https://puri.sm/pureos/
A fork would be great as it would help pureos forge its own path . (because pureos is unique )

Based on Debian, see here: https://puri.sm/pureos/