PureOS annd Start9 server: Anyone successful?

Greetings privacy lovers
Librem Mini, love the little guy!
The plan was to have this work with the Start9 server
Been back and forth with the helpful guys over at Start9 for weeks now, trying to get this set up to work
Has anyone been successful in getting this combination up and running
Bout ready to give up!
Server is running fine with MacOS, but muh security!
Thanks in advance

Did you read the documentation?

Start9 | DIY x86

Thank you for your reply
I wasn’t clear in my post,
apologies! I aleady own a start 9 server running startOS. it is running fine with my Mac machines
the problem is when trying to connect Librem Mini to the start 9 server
The preference is to use FirefoxESR
I can reach the server using the IP, however that isn’t ideal. The problem with this is that you won’t be able to reach any of the services currently available at their own .local “avahi alias” hostnames.
In a nutshell: some component is blocking on the network

I am not very interested in troubleshooting MacOS-related issues, so you will need to wait until someone else contributes to this thread instead.

I’m not fully sure what you are trying to do, but do you mean that when you enter the hostname of the Start9 server in FF on you Mini, it doesn’t work, but when you enter the IP address, it does?

If so, some options might be to

  • Edit /etc/hosts on your Librem Mini to map the IP to the hostname
  • Or, you could probably do something similar on your router to assign the hostname to the IP.

Let me know if I misunderstand though. I have never heard of Start9 until just now.

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thanks for the help!
You understood perfectly
It is more likely that it’s me that will lack understanding
I’m very new to Linux terminal and am pouring myself into learning as much as I can as soon as I can
Linux will probably the last freedom tool we have
You given me some paths to look into
appreciate it !
Start 9 is simply self hosting, personal server, no more cloud.

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I think the commands you would want to start with in order to diagnose this are:

sudo systemctl status avahi-daemon

(is the daemon even started, running, happy, not dead?)

and examine /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf or more specifically

grep -v ^# /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf

I tend to have avahi disabled on all my computers but because I have just reflashed my Librem 5 I see that it is in fact enabled and from another computer I can ping xyz.local where xyz is the hostname of the Librem 5.

I would suggest you just ping like this to see whether it is resolving at all rather than trying to do something from a web browser.

Obviously if you use IPv6 (either exclusively or in parallel with IPv4) then you need to take care that you are set up appropriately. Since you are unlikely to need IPv6 on your local network the easiest option is just to make sure that IPv4 works for the purposes of multicast DNS.

And yes it is possible that multicast DNS traffic is being firewalled. So I guess that’s something else to look into.

Likewise I know nothing about Start9.


anything important here? Ever ting looked happy not dead
**Warning: some journal files were not opened due to insufficient permissions.
lines 1-14/14 (end)
Terminal : process still running

Ill run the other commands later (gotta go mine some fiat)

You are awesome
thanks for the help
Sure would like to rely on this Mini for most things, don’t think will have any
other choices

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As an alternative I would suggest yunohost: YunoHost • index
It was launched in 2012 and runs in baremetal based on debian. It has email, xmpp, matrix, simplex, nextcloud, searx and much more. Start9 is too new yet IMO.

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Did you forget the sudo?


First, I’m not so stupid that I would forget…
oh, apparently I am!

stand by and thanks for the help

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Ping xyz.local
I got name or service not known

Firefox sees the cert. for this and is trusted,I guess I still haven’t set this up right
Ill go through the cert. trusting process again
Thought i had it ringht

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You did replace xyz with the actual host name of the Start9 server, right?

If you can’t resolve the host name for the Start9 server then certificates are not going to be relevant, because you aren’t getting that far. (And certificates won’t work at all, AFAIK, if accessing a host by IP address.)

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yup , this time i was a bit more careful , im working with the start9 folks, but I think they are losing patience with me
The host name is “adjective-noun.local” (asigned to the server) which i was successful accessing a while back using Brave. But was only able to use HTTP: not HTTPS:
than something changed somewhere?!

Its odd because Start9 and Purism teamed up a while back, not sure on what , and not sure if they still are. Probably doesn’t even matter
Bought the Mini way before getting the start9 server. I was hoping to use the mini for self hosting, BTC core/node etc.

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Thus, my assumption earlier.

Most most helpful,appreciate your help
while trying to get this all running, i informed them that it was a librem Mini
Wonder why none of this information was relevant
as always, it seems, i end up buying something too early or too late
Had i known they were coming out with a product mirroring what I’m trying to do …
well anyway,what ever , try to figure it out

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