PureOS apt repos


I would like to use PuerOS on non-librem dfevice because I like fully free as in freedom distros and I can’t wait for you guys to get officially endored by the FSF. Great job so far and I wish you all the best! Some day I wish you guys start a local presence in APAC and I hope I can afford one of your devices:-)

Anyway, the question I had was related to the relationship and differences between PureOS and Debian Testing.

  • Are you guys freezing on Stretch or is PureOS a rolling release that continually catches up to Debian Testing
  • Can i add debian testing repos to my apt config and get access to packages which are not shipped by default in PureOS. Do you guys re-package debs with changes dependencies etc?
  • Do you have all the packages from debian main pool?
  • How often is the kernel packages updated?
  • How long before important security fixes from DSA trickles down into PureOS?

Once again, great job with the packaging so far! I am very impressed.