PureOS based on Debian

Being totally unfamiliar with the Linux system, I am trying to figure out how to install my favourite VPN service. For starters I have to choose the Debian version installed on the Librem 5 USA?
Thereafter install the OpenVPN (protocol?)
Then if I got it right, I have to install the VPN service I prefer? The one compatible with OpenVPN?
Sounds about right?
My question now is with which Debian build version the Librem 5 USA is shipped?
Is there a tutorial available that can explain precisely step by step how to successfully install the above?
I am not familiar with the coding needed.
Thank you.

See this thread for some possibly relevant info: Installing ExpressVPN on Librem 5

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Also, whatever software you download needs to be for arm64 architecture, not amd64 nor x86_64.