PureOS Bluetooth Visibility is On By Default. Can I turn it off?

Bluetooth visibility should not be “ON” as default as it creates a privacy issue.
In the past few days, I managed to disable the “AutoEnable” bluetooth.

However, even when I turn off visibility manually, when I restart Bluetooth it comes back on…
Is there any way I can disable the visibility permanently?


How did you do it per session?

I imagine you’ll have to modify the systemd bluetooth service file, but I can’t give you more info than that.

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How did I turn it off?

sudo btmgmt
[mgmt]# select hciX # select a known device by index X eg. hci0
[hci0]# discov yes # make hci0 visible/discoverable
[hic0]# discov no # make hci0 invisible

However, it doesnt produce lasting efects.


I have turned off the AutoEnable, by modifying /etc/bluetooth/main.conf