Pureos browser missing data choices


hi my pureos browser, has the data choices missing allowing mozzilla to access all my data is this correct ?


What specifically do you mean by this? Where do you see that in the settings or elsewhere?


in the browser settings preferences advanced the data choices tab has no options only blank is this normal or is my version faulty


Hmmm, yeah “data choices” in the Purebrowser advanced settings is blank for me as well. I have no idea what this means though. Thoughts anyone? What are the data choices available on Firefox?


the data choices is where you enable or disable sending information and allowing mozzila to conduct studies on the normal version of firefox. perhaps its disabled already in this one does anyone know ?


Yeah, I would assume that Purism has disabled this by default on Purebrowser.


It is the case that this option is disabled for PureBrowser; it is stated in a tracking item here. Note “data reporting is disabled”.

I knew I had seen this somewhere, but I could not find it again. (Thanks to @Russ who helped in an unrelated post.)


thanks for the help guys