PureOS Budgie? Please!

I am a sucker for nice interfaces. My favorite desktop is Budgie because it’s so freaking stable and hard coded and beautiful it’s crazy how Fedora 30 didn’t add Budgie instead of that Deepin and Pantheon desktop which is just another copy of the other DEs. Sorry my opinion there.

Would you please I beg of you, add Budgie to PureOS. I have been hard at it for 7 months trying to decide what distro to go for and what desktop environment to use. I can’t find peace in the Linux world. Please save a fellow Linux beginner!
Solus isn’t privacy friendly to the bone like you guys :frowning:

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budgie-desktop is in the repositories, you can install it if you want.


Oh, then please help me install it? To be honest I do not trust Linux as much as Windows for the fact that installing these loose desktop enviornments that might crash and delete my files. I would rather have a preinstalled distro with the support desktop out of the box so I can feel abit safer that it works as its suppost to. Get me?

But please help me to make it work. I searched for budgie in the Software. Installed the Budgie Desktop Settings. Only thing that appears in the search term ‘Budgie’…

Edit: This is exactly what I was talking about, btw I Logged out and switched to Budgie from there and logged in again. Figured it out myself. But this is what I was saying; the desktop looks ugly, not complete. All my applications are gone too! It doesn’t look like budgie at all!!!

You must be very young. There was a time nobody would have said that this way round. But MS caught up.

Sounds more like a nightmare than a realistic scenario.

Now: You (most likely) did NOT lose all your applications. If that were the case, you would have been warned, that packages would be removed.
So, don’t worry.
You can start all applications, even if you can’t find them in the menu.
Press Alt+F2 to start the launcher, then start typing an application name. (*)
Other than that, now you have to customize the thing (including the application menu) to your liking :slight_smile:
Most likely, you also need to install some applications that (in your opinion) should go together with Budgie.
Good luck :slight_smile:

Edit: (*) if it does not work, may be you need to install budgie-app-launcher-applet first. The description says, it also enables you to customize the menu:

The app-launcher applet allows the ability to add favorite apps to the
panel as well as finding and launching applications. The list of
applications listed can be easily configured to be visible or hidden.

Other than that, you might want all the other packages that have budgie in their name :slight_smile:


Well I installed budgie-app-launcher-applet but where is it, I can’t find it anywhere? How do I open/apply it?

Do you know how to install the Plata theme, their default theme in Budgie?

Do you know how to put icons on the desktop? There is no “Desktop” in the Budgie Settings nor Tweaks, it doesn’t even work to add desktop from Dconf. But it’s there.

Do you also know why I can’t search for Firefox in the software center, no one wants to use PureBrowser because it’s got it’s own User Agent. Also I can’t install NoScript onto it because it’s “Only with Firefox”

Never used budgie, I just googled it for you.

One possible way to install Firefox:

dude, I don’t have anything in the menu, which I want to have. I have zero, nada. I don’t have the time to do alt + f2 everytime I want to open something, its searching, its not viewing. I need the menu.
Why does everything about Linux be complicated, so boring.