PureOS Convergence - The Unified Look

What will Convergence and the unified look of PureOS look like across all devices?
Does anyone have any thoughts or information on this?

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I don’t think there’s much to go on yet. There’s a early-stage mockup from January here:


but I don’t think I’ve seen anything since then which describes anything about a unified aesthetic.

That’s the only information I saw on it as well. I was hoping to see if there was possibly more information on what it may look like. Kind of excited for it actually. Hopefully we will get to see some progress on it in a future report.

Yeah, I think what was shown in that progress report looked quite slick. I’d love to see the final product looking close to that, but I know they need to get the functionality working before they focus on the beautifying.

That I understand, however it doesn’t hurt to give us a bit more of an idea. It’s not so much about beautifying when it comes to convergence but in fact it is actually about function. How would that convergent behavior function with the new PureOS paradigm? What does that look like? That is intend of the initial question. :sunglasses: