PureOS crashing frequently

That is a fair concern, but I can assure that won’t happen. We have people dedicated to the laptops, and we’re hiring more, and they don’t work on the phone at all. PureOS is getting a lot of attention at the moment. Not least in the tooling around PureOS.

Regarding GNOME 3.32, we are targeting that as a version of GNOME we want. As Debian’s Buster becomes more stable, there will be greater stability in the operating system that is PureOS and one of the less stable parts is GNOME.

Can you point out what crashes you’re seeing? My machine, which I use daily in heavy usage and is stock PureOS, doesn’t crash. I keep it updated and run a bunch of cutting edge GNOME code via flatpak, but I just don’t see a lot of issues when I look in dmesg or my logs. Please report what issues you may have.

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@jeremiah please note that OP @sherab_kelsang claimed to experience crashes no matter which DE, hinting to the layers below. Also, I have a hunch they don’t really know where to look.
So, after the next crash you could open a terminal, become root, run dmesg (and maybe filter it)

# become root
# list errors and stuff
# list crashes
dmesg | grep segfault

Btw, @jeremiah, am I correct that PureOS does not write core dumps by default? (Why?)


So this was the part I was missing, thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this @Caliga

next time i have a crash i’ll try to take a note of it.

  1. I think instead of word crash i should have used frozen - to the extent that I needed to reboot the machine with the on/off button
  2. I am using now Gnome classic - and I have’nt had much problems since.
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