PureOS hanging after shutdown

I have a Librem 13 v2. Often, after shutting down, the computer hangs at the PureOS logo. I’ve tried leaving it for a few minutes, but the computer is still hanging. I have to hold the power button down for about 10 seconds to power off.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but often enough to make things a little frustrating. This is a fresh install of PureOS, and the problem disappeared for a while after I did a firmware update about two weeks ago. However, it’s come back.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, is there a solution?


Usually it is just a stop job waiting to be completed. Similar to processes that don’t want to close down when you shut down windows. Usually these processes are given a window of time to complete, before they are closed, to help prevent data loss.

You may just see the Purism logo but there are jobs waiting to be closed in the back ground. Next time you have this problem, wait for about 5 minutes and see if the computer goes off by itself.

It is also helpful that you close all applications before shutting down or restarting as this should help minimize the occurrence of this happening.

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Can you press Esc or something to get log messages to come up on the screen once the shutdown looks as if it has wedged itself?

Thanks for the reply.

I usually shut applications down before turning off my computer (a holdover from the dark days when I used The Other Operating System).

I’ll give the five minute wait at try next time – the last time, I only waited a minute or two.

I’ll give that a try when I get home later today. Thanks for the reply!

Well, here’s what it looks like (apologies for the lousy photo). Looks like the laptop is shutting down OK, but I can’t always tell.

If there’s a process that is wedged then you will need to wait 5 minutes or so before further messages appear, and the messages will tell you that a process is wedged and its process id, which, with preparation prior to shutdown, would tell you which process this is.

If no process is wedged then I would guess there’s some firmware / software problem where it gets to the final step of wanting to power off but it fails to communicate this correctly to the hardware so it never actually powers off. (In this situation it is at least harmless to press and hold in order to force power off.)

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Hanging in power-off target mostly means it was unable to cut the power down, which in most of the case if firmware malfunction (ACPI D3 transition)

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Would updating coreboot be a possible solution? (Assuming it hasn’t been updated of course.) If anything just to reset the controller?

I updated Coreboot a couple or three weeks ago. Do you know if it’s been updated since then?

I’ve had shutdown hangs before on other OSes, it always seemed to be kernel issue.

Hmmm. This seems to be fairly opaque. It looks like the only realistic way of answering that is to download and run the coreboot update script.

However you also want to make sure that you are running current PureOS.

I’ve seen other operating systems do this.

My favorite is the procedure with the old HPPA Risc machines. You were taught to ALWAYS wait until the (SHUT 6) message is displayed. Well sometimes it never got there. Years later an more experienced Hewlett Packard Service Engineer said it was safe to power down after a (SHUT 4). He explained it was simply waiting for pin signals parent/child processes it was never going to get. (The parent had gone missing.)

This was also before the days of gender politically correct technical terms. We still called them Father-Son processes back then.

With a complex instruction set machine like your PC, who knows what signal it is waiting for? (Like my old HP Engineer friend also used to say, you’re going to kill it anyway, don’t worry about it.)

Sometimes you just need to use the big hammer.

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This just happened to me today for the first time ever ( Librem 15, 2019). Logo hung on for about 2 min and then closed. I am going to start making sure all applications are closed down before the power off next time to see if it goes away.