pureOS in a vm / gnome-boxes

I’m starting this thread just to have some documentation, unless someone has already answer to this, about a problem I’m encountering on gnome-boxes under ubuntu 21.10 where pureos is stucked at 1 vcpu where in the xml of the vm it clearly states 4 vcpu and the cpu is host-model.
ny other OS are not reacting alike, so I will find my findings along when I have more informations.

Unless of course people here have already answers to that.

indeed compare to other VM apparently, the boot sequence of PureOS doesn’t bring up under qemu or the specific qemu version from ubuntu 21.10 the correct amount of cpu as demonstrated in those screenshots.
I don’t have the same problem under virtualbox clearly.
Does anyone has the same experience under boxes whatever the OS host so that we can compare the xml of the vm? Because since the smpboot is not detecting the correct amount of vcpu, I guess the problem is at a lower level, like hypervisor. Maybe the version of the BIOS used of the vm for example.
a grep of the smp lines in PureOS

a grep of the smp lines in mx

this is the screenshot of mxlinux dmesg in comparaison

this is a screenshot of pureos dmesg