PureOS install help

Hi guys, I’m having an issue installing PureOS.

So I’m a gamer which has always stopped me using Linux on my desktop. However after discovering Purism I had to try it. I tried it on my laptop and loved it.

I then found out about ProtonDB and thought well let’s give it a bash. As I was due a Windows reinstall anyway, I backed up all my files, reinstalled windows and went to install Pure OS.

In the live version the curser just wasn’t working, very very lagging and once key press would often produce multiple.

However I thought well maybe it’s because it’s live (I had this issue on my laptop but the hardware is terrible in my laptop). So I already has a 200gb partition. Went to install and failed.

I rembered on my laptop I had to turn of EDD in the install so I did that and it worked.

Now I can’t access my windows install and the cursor is still unusable. I thought maybe graphics drivers but being new to Linux and it’s 3AM in my time zone (plus I’ve been partying) I couldn’t get it to install.

Could anyone help, I kinda need my Windows install back and working cursor.

You’ll need to give more information than that… What type of computer? CPU/GPU/disk type at the least. Assuming you didn’t delete your windows install, you should be able to either EFI boot to windows, or boot to grub and then chainload to windows. Getting PureOS running on non purism hardware is rather hit and miss, as it doesn’t include any non free files, including firmware. Which means display drivers, network drivers, EFI drivers, and so on can be a challenge.

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In order to help you understand, you need Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Steam for Linux Client or SteamOS (two options to choose from). PureOS is now based on Wayland and not something that is supporting what you are looking for, IMO. Again, for users of gaming platforms on LinuxOSs, there is “good news” (by-default real world casino update) coming from Phoronix: “Canonical Reportedly Not Planning To Enable Wayland-By-Default For Ubuntu 20.04 LTS”.

Not sure, but rebooting your computer and trying this:

Thanks for all the comments and replies everyone, I’ve just woke up and I’m gonna go look at this again in a minute.

Okay so I got into my windows install this morning.

Normally I’ve had partitions appear in to boot selection this was just in the boot menu. Windows is fine.

However my cursor is still lagging.

I’m running a 1TB M.2 Samsung 970 EVO, on an i7 6700k and a GTX 1080.

Wait this may have fixed my issue. Thank you.

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If this way/path fixed your issue than we have solution. IMHO, you have some powerful hardware there and therefore you might consider to install “Focal Fossa” Daily Build to get current/adequate support on GTX 1080 by using NVIDIA-390 driver (ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa). I guess PureOS is not something that you need (on such hardware).

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