Pureos installer does not show "erase disk"

Hello everyone.
At the moment i am trying to install pureos on my desktop.
When start pureos installer, normally by step 3 “partitions” you have the option “erase disk” but i don’t see this option on my desktop.
Funny thing is, this option is there on my laptop.
Not sure what to do now.

here a picture

Does your desktop only give the option to manually partition and nothing else? What is the state of the hard drive you’re installing to?

Start GNOME Disks first and for at the disk. Then start installer again.

these drive is in perfect condition. its runs linux mint.

YESS! i have done it.
Stupid thing was, after format the disk, the option “erase disk” suddelly pops up… pfff
Pureos is running smootly now. Thanks.

1 question: are apps from flathub non-free apps?

Depends, you can check license for each of the software you wish to install.

how do i know which license are the good one?
i notice when i have downloaded programs from flathub then the license name change.
For example: freetube licence in flathub = GPL-3.0+
when downloaded and look in ‘software manager’, the licence is changed to “free”
So flathub names his apps differently?
Other example: Riot flathub license = Apache-2.0
after downloading and looking in software manager, license changed to “free”

Just avoid “non-free” licenses: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.en.html

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copyleft if you care about digital freedom … latest GPL best for that, but there are other strong or weaker copyleft licenses …