pureOS installer mutiple issues

I have a new 1T drive installed in a Libem13v2.
I want to do a fresh install to a LUKS partition of 35G. That’s it.

  • bios-boot
  • LUKS volume /
  • empty space

Has anyone done this successfully?

The latest Live ISO installer is a fraught nightmare .

It seems that what’s possible is are the two options in the installation guide and absolutely nothing else.

I cannot :

  • create a 35G volume and format it to LUKS in manual install, mount /
  • create a 35G volume, format it to LUKS, mount it, target as ‘existing partition’
  • follow Advanced installation, but LUKS the root
  • follow default erase, install unencrypted, resize unencryped, create LUKS, restore resized image to LUKS, learn GRUB, configure grub, rebuild ramfs, chroot to install, grub-install
  • do anything whatsoever with any Logical Volumes.


Could you please report a bug here: https://tracker.pureos.net ? Thanks!


Yeah, I guess I’ve been banging my head needlessly and it’s made me frustrated. I do have an installer log from one freeze, which I’m happy to file. Waiting for approval.
I’ve edited the title here to reflect my calmer demeanor today, but still feel that horrorshow is an accurate description.

I really just want to select the size of the partition created on a standard LUKS install. Just not the whole disk.

I guess I can jump on one or more of these as well or instead:
May, 2019: T750
April, 2019: T751
April, 2019: T752
April, 2019: T778

Looks like the situation is similar to the one described in this post:

What kind of disk is your 1T drive? I have a Samsung SSD 970 PRO, and got similar installer behavior like you.