PureOS Installer problem with external hard drive

Hello, my issue is that whenever i boot up pureOS from a usb and launch the installer. Every time i go through the installation steps and it asks me where i want to install pure os it doesnt show my external hard drive. It only shows my 3 internal drives. I checked if i can see the external drive on my main os and i can so i have no idea what the issue is.

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I have the same problem, what do I have to do to install PureOS to an external USB HDD? My goal is to have a bootable pureos that I can boot to while working on development without installing development tools to my main pureos (on my internal SSD)

Anyone else been able to do this?

I have, but haven’t tried withe pureos. Try unmounting your external drive first.

You can try to work around this limitation by copying the contents of the PureOS partitions from the internal disk to the external disk. Or temporarily install an external drive in the laptop.