PureOS Live with no WiFi

I am not a Linux user. I have only tried ZorinOS and I sort of like it. Now I would like to try PureOS but it is so pure, it does not have any WiFi drivers so I cannot use it.

It’s possible to install the firmware blobs manually through a nonfree Debian package. I don’t know the name but there are some other threads about this. That said, if you do things like that, you might want to reevaluate using PureOS in the first place, instead of Debian.

As @vmedea said, PureOS only inclues 100% free software, which excluded many devices for which no free drivers exist. PureOS pretty closely tracks Debian, so installing Debian and including the non-free repository will give you pretty much the same experience I think.

I think PureOS most significantly differs from Debian with their Pureboot stack, but I think that is only available for Librem laptops (and maybe some Thinkpads) anyway.

and the Librem Mini if i understood correctly …

Oh good point! I forgot about the extra hardware now available.