PureOS not behaving as normal after fresh install

I need some help. I am in a time crunch cause College classes started and I am already dedicated in the work and computer I have to access the academia. This is kinda weird behavior, I have not noticed this till recently. Let me explain.

I have a mini v2 with latest firmware. I have two different nvme drives, one Samsung Evo and one Samsung Pro. The Evo came stock with the Mini. Friday I was thinking, I’m not using the 500 Pro nvme, and anticipate I will need more room for VM’s (for school) so I thought I would install PureOS on the Pro drive. I attempted to install PureOS and got it completed. Everything was fine, I noticed no weird behavior. I proceeded to install updates, upgrade, and some software to assist with my education. All freeware from the Flathub repository or from flatpak itself.

Once I get a system nice and tidy, I restart to save progress along the way, I then start configuring browser, networking - anon dns, vpn, firewall, and I restart again. No issues, all works well and as intended and as in past experiences with this computer and OS. I search the web and dl some music, everything checks out. I restart machine again ensure all changes saves, gpg signed after installing new OS and upgrades, all check out normal. I go thru the day and life is normal till its bed time.

I wake up, start my machine eager to continue my research and I notice during the unlocking of the encryption part, around 55% progress, the bars behavior changed. Its very slow to complete unlocking the encrypted section. I waited several minutes and come back and nothing. still says I successfully unlocked the encryption but it wont get to the OS login. Frustrated, I simply re install PureOS again. I start all over and get a new install going, updated, upgraded, configured and then tested around on for the day. I go to bed and wake up, start machine and the same issue exists only this time this morning, I was able to load into the OS. Only I have no Internet connection, my vpn is cycling to establish a connection, but I cannot shut anything down, cannot remove the vpn, its kinda stuck just letting me move the mouse.

anyone have any ideas?

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Go back to the Evo?

Investigate further when you are not in a time crunch?

I have no idea how to even troubleshoot this. It isnt the vm’s or the vpn, I tried a fresh install of pure os and after two days it did the same thing, I just uninstalled the os and installed a different distro. I dont have time no this shit.