PureOs on a SBC

I am not sure if this has been asked yet so forgive me. I am interested in putting PureOs on a SBC and was wondering if anybody has done this, can possibly point me to one that could work or say flat out that it wont work because of X, Y, Z. Many thank yous in advance.

Never tried, but from experiences.

  1. Should work on x86 64 SBCs. UDOO x86, UDOO BOLT, Up board, etc…

    • But may run into driver issues.
  2. Might work on most i.MX 8 boards if you manage to push PureOS on it.

  3. Won’t work on other ARM SBCs. i.e. Won’t work on the RPi, Nvidia Jetson nano unless you rebuild Mesa and the kernel.

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Thanks @marty1885 I think i’m going to take a look at those i.MX 8’s, curious though what you mean by “pushing PureOs on it”.

Ohh… I mean that by: finding a way to flush the Librem5 image onto the on board eMMC. You might need preparatory software to do so.

Gotcha okay I’ll figure something out. Thanks again for the help :+1:

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