PureOs on Arm64 VM

I know that PureOS is available for x86_64 and arm64 platform, but I’m unable to find references to arm64 ISO.
I would like to create a PureOs VM via Parallels on my M1 Mac, but I couldn’t find the arm64 ISO. I’ve also tried to debspawn an iso by building it in an arm64 ubuntu machine, but grub-pc and casper are not available for arm64 platform on PureOS repo.
Has anyone been succesfull in creating an arm64 ISO image?
Thank you


I’ve been working on this. I currently have a Debian ISO running on my M1 machine. I’m contributing money to the upstream project of getting the Linux kernel working natively on the M1. The upstream project’s focus is Asahi Linux which is not my focus of course, I’m interested in running PureOS.

To that end, there will be an endeavor to create installable media for VMs and there already has been for containers. Containers may be an easier lift since we already have a means of running cross-platform binaries in containers with qemu. There is some more testing to be done for running a PureOS container on the M1 which I’ll try to do in the near term.

FWIW, the M1 is amazingly fast and the Debian Bullseye image I have running is astonishing, everything feels instantaneous. It still feels like there’s a long way to go, especially with graphics, for native GNU/Linux on the M1.

If you’re interested in experimenting with Debian, that is pretty straight forward, simply get a ISO of Debian Bullseye aarch and create a VM.

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