Pureos on Chromebook


I installed PureOs Version 10.0 on my Chromebook (pixelbook go). Everything seems to work reasonably alright except for no sound, and the trackpad seem to be lagging a little and isn’t as smooth as when it was on the Chrome OS.

Was wondering if anyone knows how this can be fixed.


it can’t. Kabylake platform Chromebooks have no support for audio in the mainline Linux kernel; your options are USB or BT audio, or (best option) use something like Breath which uses the ChromeOS kernel to boot a mainline distro. Either way, PureOS is a bad choice for your hardware.

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Hey Mr Chromebox

Good to hear from you, i just checked out the link for breath and i i have to ask will everything work normal with it?
Can you please provide me with a tutorial on how to install it.

Breath is not my project, the link I provided is the best source for support. They have a discord channel as well I believe. I have no idea what will or will not work on a given device, only that the dev is very responsive


Oh ok thanks very much, i think i will just still with chromeos for now until anything changes.

it’s not going to change I’m afraid

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Actually, Im looking for the same solution.

Have you found its solution yet?

I’ve found it’s solution, let me know if you also need it from me.

Yes, please share your solution with the community.

It seems that you are not interested in sharing the solution.