PureOS Optional Subscription Added to Advance Development

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PureOS—the alternative convergent operating system by Purism—is adding an optional subscription to advance development.

The three monthly subscription tiers are: read more …


It’s good to see Purism responding to customer requests for a mechanism like this.

I guess the obvious question would be: what is the process for cancelling the monthly donation? I mean I’m sure Purism doesn’t want you to do that, and for planning purposes they will want some kind of an idea of how much in total is coming in each month … but a person’s financial situation can change.

A person may also prefer a one-off donation. Again, for planning purposes Purism may prefer a monthly donation but that can be more hassle to handle on the donor side.

A person may also prefer an annual donation. That is less hassle on the donor side.


As gondolyr has written here Purism does not call it “donation”. So it seams to be something different on the law side.

I like that they do it, but I still see the problem with transatlantic payments - especially for an each-month-payment. Can’t they create just an European bank account? That would make many things (including buying other products) much easier and maybe overall cheaper compared to everyone exchange for their own.


gondolyr did call it a donation herself though. I guess the onus is on Purism to explain what intention if any is behind the choice of word and whether that reflects any (US domestic) legal considerations. In the absence of that, I don’t think we should get too stressed either way. Call it whatever works for you (donation, subscription, crowdfunding, …).


At least in my country it’s a huge difference between donation, money gift or something else.


I’m fairly sure it’s just a payment of money for services (PureOS services in whatever form those take at Purism’s discretion). Which then also becomes revenue for the company.

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I tried to subscribe as Expert highest tier but I was using my Liberty Phone to subscribe. Power of defaults; using the phone as it came and never flashed it. And so when I was on Gnome Web to type in my data to subscribe, I can’t type! I clicked the textbox and I can’t type so I press >_ then Tab then keyboard pops in and out, then it’s on the title bar but that’s okay, >_ then Tab again and the keyboard crashes away, now I can’t type anything but life always finds a way, so I press >_ again and then Tab again and you know it, now I reached the promised land. Even though screen touching busted and wouldn’t transfer keyboard focus, focus was back on the text box, so I typed in my credentials and subscribed the subscription.

I don’t know what Crimson is but if it lets me use a nice UI like Gnome Web but with better keyboard focus and fixed CVEs so I can count on any site being safe to load even if its page title would have been a buffer overflow on Byzantium, that would be so beautiful. So I canceled my subscription to something else in life I didn’t need and now I’m using that money for PureOS Export. And some day the sun will shine again. And we will reach the promised land, and have computers that makes us feel as good as how Richard Stallman felt about his laptop in 1997.


crimson is the next major release of PureOS, coming alphabetically after byzantium. I guess noone here knows exactly what will be in it, once it is released, but I’m sure it will pick up a bunch of fixes from the updated underlying distro, as well as hopefully some further development work that is specific to the Librem 5.


Great news. I will be subscribing because it is important. I will put my money where my mouth is.


This is a promising Message from Dlonk when mentioning RMS :heart: instead of Linus_Whatever.

Thank you Dlonk :pray:

Great. Also let us know when you are subscribed :wink:

I still not suscribed because Purism_Staff it is not Free Software but FOSS, FLOSS, OSI, WHATEVER which i do not tolerate for some reason.IMHO.
However montly subscribe it is a Free Software things. Thank you Purism.
Also i not happy that Purism moved/donated Purism Mobile Stack for Gnome Fundation, i know this it is needed to reach the Autonomy but it has its disadvantages which we are already suffering from(i will not give details).


Can you please elaborate on this? Did I miss something? When did this happen?


They started moving from Calls on 2021

Now all Purism Mobile Stack is moved to Gnome Opensource Fundation: Phosh · GitLab


With due respect, it seems pretty disingenuous to say “This thing is bad and I will not elaborate further…” If you are suggesting that something is detrimental to the overall project, you should be willing to back that statement up with proof of why/how it is harming the project. I personally believe the GNOME/Purism partnership is a net positive for mobile Linux because it opens those projects up to a larger maintainer base considering how much of those applications are inherently connected to lower-level GNOME libraries.


Also i not happy that Purism moved/donated Purism Mobile Stack for Gnome Fundation […]

It has always been Purism’s goal to work with upstream, as explained here: https://puri.sm/posts/how-to-be-upstream-first/
Relevant forum thread: https://forums.puri.sm/t/new-post-how-to-be-upstream-first/16999

Aside: I have seen you criticize Linux time and time again but provide very few reasons for the hostility. As @anotherpurismuser says, it is disingenuous and doesn’t provide the “offending” party any opportunity to receive feedback. As it stands, it’s just your opinion with no actionable criticism.

I still not suscribed because Purism_Staff it is not Free Software but FOSS, FLOSS, OSI, WHATEVER which i do not tolerate for some reason.

As far as I can tell, Purism tries to use as much free software as possible, but in order to stay relevant, they have made some compromises. The Librem 5 would have never been released if they needed it to be 100% free in every aspect. It is an unrealistic prospect at their current size to be 100% free software, and they need to grow first in order to be able to contribute more to free software.


@JCS Any chance we could get semi-live metrics on how many subscribers there are on the website in the coming months?

It would be my opinion that might encourage more people to donate if they saw how many people are banding together to support PureOS development and lend more goodwill towards Purism for transparency. Otherwise, the lack of transparency of the subscription might discourage other funders.


Not to disrespect your opinion but I have also seen it work in the exact opposite way i.e. “oh, other people are doing the heavy lifting, so I don’t need to”. So I think this would be a finely balanced decision.

I think the #1 thing that will encourage subscribers is seeing results i.e. “this month our subscribers funded the following released improvements”.


Yay I’m a subscriber to PureOS!

So excited to enjoy all the benefits and perks of my subscription :stuck_out_tongue:

Biggest request for development: allow sxmo as an alternative interface! :slight_smile:


Just throwing out my opinion, I would like to see the librem.one subscriptions tied into PureOS development. That way, contributors can still feel like they are getting value for their subscription during both the highs and lows of software development. If not enough progress happens fast enough, people might get discouraged and feel like they are throwing good money after bad with nothing to show for it.


At the same time, Librem.One also requires money to operate.


Which is also a valid reason. People cannot spend endless amounts of money and have to decide on which places they want to spend it. If Purism gets enough money to make ongoing work, I may want to focus on supporting volunteers, which is also helping the whole mobile Linux community.

I’m always up for more transparency and I guess this wouldn’t be something bad for Purisms publicity. They could make a goal based transparency: “if we reach out amount XYZ, we can hire a new dev that will focus completely on software development”. This way people see that every further Dollar will also help further.