PureOS Optional Subscription Added to Advance Development

I didn’t ask you to predict the future. If the grand poobahs are going adopt general pay-more-get-more scheme, they would also know what it does to those that don’t subscribe and should say so. Maybe, they don’t care. I thought you, by virtue of your experience (1284 days) here might offer up a opinion. I’ll try to remember that you you don’t predict the future when I read more of your predictions. Predictions; semantics. Lets leave it there.

Good start by Puri. We know what we’ll get if we subscribe but won’t know what happens if we don’t. Like software, if we don’t subscribe it may stop working when Google changes how sites must work, someone moves the icons around in Windows and we need a upgrade…

:crazy_face: “optional subscription” I think that means that the choice of Levels are optional. Non-subscribing being optional in that one does not subscribe - it’s a decision not not to get any support at all.

@lakei has a good idea, but IMO picayune because lakei might be the only one with willing to pay to see something fixed - you know, bribe the developer :rofl:
Most hardware, and I can’t think of any, sell their product and charge for upgrades to the software - software is charged for upgrades. Some upgrades at massaged in to joining M$oft releases new OS or OS updates (fixes to patches that fixed things).

When you purchase a Librem 5, you can be confident that we will continue to provide security updates, privacy improvements, bug fixes, and new features… for the lifetime of your device, without compromising performance.

Well. They be smart. They didn’t mention any cost involved in the updates. My bad. It was implied though.

IMO, it’s not right. Puri image right now seems to be tanking. Adding that kind of weight adds ammo for opposition, and caution flag to potential buyers.


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“PureOS will continue to be freely available for all, there is no product difference for subscribers or non-subscribers.”


Subscribed and supporting FREE software. Feels right and true.


Awesome, Thank you. :pray:
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I don’t know who you are nor your position with ‘The Company’ but I read

we will continue to provide security updates, privacy improvements, bug fixes, and new features… for the lifetime of your device, without compromising performance. Your Librem will stay secure and responsive for years to come.

Of course. It’s free until we pay for it. PureOS has to remain free. Updates, bug fixes and new features? What will they cost?

Why this? The only reason I can see any company would due such a thing is because they can’t get money any other way. Begs the question, again, what happen to the 1.4 million, the $500 w/ 11% APR maybe. Generally, anything under 21% is considered low.

I can’t afford to buy fixes, bug repairs, upgrades/updates and definitely cannot afford to fund someone else’s purchase of the L5. Maybe my morals and ethics are too high.

I’d be happy to help support Puri in a variety of ways. I already paid for the phone and would not expect to have to buy a fix or update, upgrade or patches.

Everything on the Internet is free, until we have to pay for it.
Such collection methods only further erode the tarnished image.

I’m scared because if it continues, it will most assuredly mean the demise of Puri. And we’ll all be in the same boat.

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I’m wondering what makes Purism’s case potentially part of the problem. Is it because they labeled it a “subscription” instead of “membership” or “recurring donation”? Is it because Purism is not a non-profit but a social purpose corporation (Announcement post [2017]: https://puri.sm/posts/purism-now-a-social-purpose-corporation/)?

The FSF, LibreOffice, Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, and many others ask for some sort of donation. System76 accepts donations for Pop!_OS (Click the “Support Pop” button).

If Purism does impose enshittification of their products, they aren’t locked down so we can use other software instead of PureOS and also hire people to work on alternatives (like what some other forum members have looked into, and this too).


@WinstonSmith was referring to a quote from the blog post:

If for whatever reason you are still concerned about PureOS not being free in the future, you can utilize the Four Freedoms underpinning its software license for your own needs:


Well I think we can be confident that his real name is not Winston Smith. :joy:


Fortunately, there is no reason to fear.

This “subscription” program provides zero benefits to subscribers that are not available to non-subscribers. It is just a recurring donation initiative.

Purism has given every indication that they are committed to Free Software. If you have seen otherwise anywhere, please let me know, but I think you will find no examples of Purism saying anything but that they will only ever make Free Software.

I love this initiative, and I think it shows desire and commitment by Purism to restart their software development efforts. Rather than Purism giving up on software forever and focusing only on hardware sales, this initiative says to me that Purism wants to get started again on software development.

Purism is showing interest to do their part in furthering Free Software. If people have no spare money and are just trying to survive and pay their bills, they should take every advantage of Free Software without feeling guilt for not paying. It is available to them and they harm no one by using it freely. For the rest of us, the question now is, are we committed like Purism is to Free Software, or are we free-riders who just don’t care?


the one concern with the purism post is that it is not explicitly stating what the roadmap is for which the funds are supposed to be used, i think more folks may subscribe if they knew exactly what the return on investment will be and a rough timeline to see the value in subscribing - as in what is in it for me


My bad. I meant to make it clear that it is just my opinion, based on years of renting software and that renting, leasing, short-term purchases, memberships ad nauseam is one way to raise funds. And there are the honest ways.

So what if they have good, upstanding reputations, why not follow that too?
So to opine again, what Bubba does to sell ,swamp gas doesn’t make it OK. Just because it’s not against the law doesn’t make it right either.

Puri has been in business long enough and should know if they are making enough off the sales to cover cost of upgrading and updating service and made it known at the upstart.
Bug fixes should be primary - not $econdary.

Ignoring customers is sure a way to reduce sales. Ticket system, something that should be well established, along with left and right hands communicating together.

Meh - seems everyone is entitled to their own opinions and suggestions as long as they agree with a potential boost to the profit margin.

I’d love to see Puri succeed. If they succeed, I get a phone like the ones in the ads. And the L5 working with non-US carriers would be nice too. But to see Puri out-do the duopolies with respects to privacy would be worth while. It’s still unknown to me what happened to $1.4M. The $500. minimum similar to stock market investment with “11%” APR and now rent-a-app.

First and most important, IMO, is to fix the company image. It appears no money goes to do that. Cosmetic approaches by embellishing product descriptions is outdone by Reviews.



I would like to see those that have authority to make statements on behalf of the company, to have a badge of some sort so we know it’s not just someone saying how things past, present, and future was, are and might be from point of view of the company.

Those 4 freedoms are too weak. Not everyone reading that is a kid with their first device. Are we free to go potty while using free software? There’s a lot of freedoms that can be attached to grease ‘freedom to’.