Pureos Permanent Beta


I have downloaded Pureos trials several times and it is always a beta version. This does not instill confidence in something intended to be ultra secure for production use. There seems to be no stable version.
I like the whole concept of minimalism, unlike other Linux offerings, but It seems to lack the basic configurability to make it useable for someone using the GUI that does not want to make tweeking it a full time job. I can change all the silly colours on the desktop, but I can’t reduce the size of those huge icons (on a normal laptop). Anything I want to do on the GUI involves huge effort with the cursor and repeatedly opening and closing the same apps with multiple mouse clicks. It seems almost to be designed for a phone, without multitasking.
Mint makes all the above simple, but obviously does not have the builtin security.
None of the obvious listed apps are available on the main Pueros repository using 8 beta and a glance at previous comments here seems to indicate it would be a huge waste of time for me to try adding other repositories as I would be fighting the system forever onward when the Puros libraries are updated.
I want to use this successfully so I can buy a Librem phone as well, but I have a feeling that the user and developer base is not really big enough for the work involved. I don’t have any time or deep enough experience to get involved with this myself.
I dont need or expect games, just the basics like Gimp, Gnucalc, office tools and viewers etc.
I know I will be slaughtered by the hardcore Linux hackers for these comments, but I thought Linux had grown up to properly take on the GUI generation.
There is more to a GUI than changing the colours and pictures - I also need to be able to read the full text of the icons - if necessary by mousing over and not be permanently scrolling or switching screens.
The whole system is not really useable on a laptop yet. Perhaps it will eventually get past being a beta version.
Is there any way I can easily just use the Purebrowser on Mint?
I really want to escape from the mainstream Firefox privacy issues.


What exactly are you downloading? Do you have a URL that you use when you download and install PureOS?


Listen, operating systems are complex. Leaving something in Beta gives some wiggle room. It might not give you the warm fussy, but it also insulates Purism from posts complaining that something is buggy.

They are doing it right. Slow and steady.

The hardware is what they really sell and the software is the gravy on top. At least that’s my 2 cents.



pureOS is esentially based on debian testing. it has the newer linux kernels unlike the more tested and stable linux kernel present in let’s say other debian derivatives such as LinuxMint and Ubuntu (a few weeks more tested as i’ve been told). it is as you said - a perpetual beta - because it is close to a rolling distribution without the rolling part :smiley:

you can if you so wish - after you receive the hardware from purism - install one of the other less secure and private debian derivatives. it is up to you and what you can manage and how irresponsible you feel like getting.