PureOS randomly logging me out

I am getting logged out at random times while I am working. It seems to happen the most when my cursor goes to the side of the screen or when I click on an app to open it. When I log back back in all of the apps I had open are gone/closed. I have updated the OS several times and it still does this. Any ideas?

I had the same issue, then I did the update but now, I have black screens almost every 5 minutes. Nicole advised me to do something about the shut down here : My linux reboots itsel randomly

Hmm… once this happens again issue (as root) “dmesg” and record the output and look toward the end for message that might have appeared at the time when the problem happened. Maybe you see a segmentation fault (and the process name causing it) or probably a “out of memory” situation.
I would also suggest to reboot and run Coreboot memtest to test the RAM for faults.

I hope it helps you :slight_smile:

How do I run coreboot memtest? I’m still new to Linux.

Do you use GNOME Shell Extensions?

I seem to remember that the “Places Status Indicator” once gaves me similar problems.

I have never installed any extensions.