PureOS Stable Release Cycle

So now PureOS has stable releases. The current release ships with some quite outdated software, e.g. Gnome is in version 3.30 when version 3.34 has been released and is already being used in other distributions with stable releases such as Fedora and Ubuntu.

I was wondering about the release cycle of PureOS. Will it be more like Fedora or Ubuntu, which are released every 6 months, or will it follow Debian stable release cycle, which is approximately every two years? By the way, sorry if this information has already been published, but I could not find it.

Personally, I do like the idea that PureOS has moved to stable releases, but I also think that I will be frustrated if it means that I will have to use “antic software”. I believe that having a 6 months release cycle would be ideal, although I could understand that it is not doable regarding Purism manpower.

PureOS Stable (aka amber) tracks Debian Stable. The whole point of Debian Stable to freeze everything and only do security updates.

PureOS “Rolling” (aka Byzantium) is in development and will be tracking Debian Testing. That should have GNOME 3.34 and newer apps but we’ll see where things are at upon release.


the release of Fedora and Ubuntu (twice a year) are NOT considered stable releases they are DEVELOPMENT releases but they tend to be “stable” most of the time … the LTS releases of ubuntu and debian are considered stable from a server/workstation point of view.

if you want the latest and greatest just do PureOS rolling or Debian testing

i myself wonder if connecting to a pppoe dsl wired-ethernet network will work with the newer kernel since there are quite a few things changing under the hood with snaps/flatpack and iptables>nftables

aleady the “pppoeconf” terminal command in ubuntu 19.10 doesn’t work anymore because of this i suspect …