PureOS Store claims an app is installed that is not

On my Librem 5 the PureOS store says that the “Photos” app is installed. But it is not.

In the terminal the command sudo apt remove gnome-photos reports this:

“Package ‘gnome-photos’ is not installed, so not removed”

What must I do to get the PureOS store to correctly indicate that the Photos app is not installed?

Is it a flatpak instead of a native package?

As depicted here:

If so, see the section called “Remove an application” as well as “List installed applications” just above it: https://docs.flatpak.org/en/latest/using-flatpak.html#basic-commands

P.S. In the PureOS store on the L5, if you click on an installed app, it will open its page, where you can check what kind of package it is: flatpak or native PureOS app.
[EDIT: That’s also where the trashcan button (for uninstall) is found, if you prefer to uninstall that way.]

It said it was a PureOS package that was installed. But… After restarting the device, now the PureOS store shows it as not installed. Strange…

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For months I have not used the app PureOS Store, I only use sudo apt ... The app PureOS Store seems to be buggy. It never end the spinning wheel when I search for something, also not when the app for which I do a search is already installed. Is it save to delete it?

The Store app usually works fine for me, although sometimes when accepting updates, I have to repeat “Download” a couple of times.