PureOS Store Hangs

Starting about a week or two ago, When I open the PureOs Store and check for updates, it hangs up on the “Loading Updates” screen with the spinning wheel. I’ve let it sit over night with no change. When I tap on the installed tab, it’s just a blank screen. I tried it with the wifi off and on. There’s no difference.
Everything else works, calls, messages, email, and browsers.
Any suggestions?

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I also episodically get this behavior, last happening yesterday. Same happens with Gnome-Weather. These services are quite unreliable IMO.

Gnome-Weather works fine for me.

Run sudo apt update in the terminal and then open the pureos store, see if that helps.

No change with that.

Strange thing happened this morning. My notification light was blinking. It said updates were available. I tapped on the notification icon, it went to the download page, it had an OS update, calls update, and one other app. I tapped the download icons. After about 5 minutes I got an error back, stating the update wasn’t available yet. I closed everything out, restarted the phone, it performed an update, restarted again, and now everything works normal. :thinking:

I’ve come across the endless spinning wheel occasionally, but a reboot has always resolved it for me

I think this is an upstream issue.
I experience this already quite a while, also my Fedora systems are affected.

Edit: this is the bug to follow if you want to see updates about this issue.