Pureos Store keeps offering me to do these two updates

Since last week, Pureos Store is displaying an update of 2 things: 1) the OS 2) of Pureos Store.

It must be 10 times that I ask to do these 2 updates. It runs, it restarts, I see the install bar go up to 100%, it restarts and… it doesn’t seem to be installed… since when I go back to Pureos Store, it keeps offering me to do these two updates… It’s been at least a week since I’ve had any other update offered. I feel like my L5 is doomed to stay like this :confused: How do I debug it please?

In my experience with mobian on the pinephone, when this happens opening the terminal and running “sudo apt update” then “sudo apt full-upgrade” solves the problem.


It work! The problem is solved! Thank you very much!! :slight_smile:

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