PureOS store not loading

PureOS store keeps loading without finishing.
Almost 9 out of 10 times when I open store.
Is this normal?

Correct date & time is an important player there, I think. You can use precise Internet time as well, if you want. Is this behavior noticed during usage (data download) over 4G provider or over your WiFi connection?

Maybe the store needs to do a full inventory, with periodic cycle-counts!

date and time seems to be fine, I didn’t try precise time.
I see behavior on WiFi.
Also if date and time was issue, I should see it every time, right?

Yes and no.

Is it supposed to do that? No. I would suppose not.

Does it do that sometimes for some users as reported elsewhere in this forum? Yes.

If the GUI is giving you grief then most people would choose to do it from the command line instead.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

If nothing else, that will fault isolate between an issue with software update that is specific to the GUI and a more general issue with the software update configuration on your phone.


Thanks, yup will depend on command line instead of GUI