pureOS updates?

Ive had PureOS install on an ssd for a couple of years, recently there hasnt been any updates and the software app doesnt display anything. The only thing I see is the top row of buttons. Do I need to reinstall PureOS?

Ive run the sudo apt upgrade/update from tilix but all thatdid was remove unused apps.

What version of PureOs are you using ? (visible with command lsb_release -a)
When was the last update ? (visible with command grep install /var/log/dpkg.log)

Specifically: lsb_release -c

If the OP is stuck on amber then manual intervention will be needed to make it upgrade to byzantium (just in time to be superseded by crimson).

Instructions for upgrading from Amber to Byzantium:


Sorry for delayed reply, the version im using is 9.0 Amber. Ill follow the upgrade instructions now.

I added Byzantium packages to the repo, ran the update from TILIX and got this error:

E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

any ideas?

A reboot = non booting system. How long until the crimson release?

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If you’ve got decent backups and an attempt to do in-place upgrade has failed (error, and now non-bootable), you may be better off blowing it away and installing byzantium from scratch.

crimson is available now. However it may not be ready for prime time i.e. you would be an early adopter.

I mainly use browsers for my stuff. If chromium and firefix work thats all i really need. Will Crimson be updatable once a stable release is released or woupd i need to reinstall it again?
Also, has booting from NVMe drive been sorted yet or do I still need to use a Sata drive?

I would expect so.

What platform (hardware) are we talking about? What NVMe drive?

Err, its a corsair Force510 off the top of my head. Asrock Fatal1ty Z77 chipset with i7 3770k, 32gb ram. The UEFI has been updated to boot from pcie nvme drives. Im running ubuntu from it but I never use it.

Im currently using a Kingston A400 120gb ssd for PureOS, its a cheap ssd, chosen because I dont know if PureOS/Linux plays nice with SSDs.

Ive installed PureOS 10, I cannot find Firefox or Rhythm Box. How do I download these, Because its a big problem if I cant.

I can’t speak for PureOS but I haven’t had a Linux computer booting from HDD for a decade or more. That is, every Linux computer that I have (and I don’t have any computers running anything except Linux) boots from SSD.

Are you trying to install a package using the GUI? I think the problem here is that Firefox is under some weird package name.

do this:
sudo apt install firefox-esr
in the terminal.

Regarding Linux & ssd’s; i meant stuff like TRIM, GARBAGE COLLECTION etc etc. If i install linux on my laptop I typically lose an hour of battery life compared to Windows. So will it shorten the life of an SSD, compated to Windows. I dont think it does.

I will try the terminal for firefox, it always came pre loaded on previous installs.

How do I install my printer?
its a Canon MP610 MFP. PureOS 9 could print to it but I cant seem to get PureOS10 to print. It can see it, but when I send a test page it throws out a blank page.

I went back to PureOS 9 and got the printer working straight away. Id keep this syatem but it no longer can receive updates. It says there is no release file for it.

So how can I add the driver from POS9 into POS10?

sudo apt install cups
Should do the trick😐

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missing destination file operand after ‘cups’.

Im guessing it didnt install.

It was I imagine intended to be sudo apt install cups

It returns ‘cups is already on the newest version’.
Is there a way to downgrade it?