PureOS version update

Why in site the version os Pure OS is 2.0 and in Distrowatch the newest version is 7.0?

It´s a litle odd.


I agree. It´s inaccurate/confusing.

Dwatch: https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=pureos
PureOS: klick “More PureOS news…” for versions+dates+details
Purism: http://repo.puri.sm/pureosrepo/iso/

Thinking Purism should label it PurismOS instead of PureOS…

Yes, it is a bit misfortune that we choose the name of dormant distribution (top secret, I voted for PurismOS :wink: ). Current stable is PureOS 2.0 although we already had baked testing version of PureOS 3.0 (wonder if we should announce it for testing and feedback on forum)…

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