I would like to reinstall PureOS which was pre-installed on the Librem 13. I’ve tried the PureOS 1.0 64bit, Complete Install Image ISO but it isn’t bootable. When do you release PureOS 2.0 OEM Install ISO?


PureOS 2.0 ISOs seem to be available now: http://repo.puri.sm/pureos/iso/

Yes, the PureOS 2.0 ISO is indeed available.
But be careful if you want to install it on your business setup, or you’ll loose your valuable data.

There is no way (I could find of) to customize the disk partitioning phase of the installation.
Instead, it will select your boot disk, create a cleaned partitioning scheme using all space, and start the installation onto it. No questions asked. :o :o 8(

As I have to wait a while longer to get my Librem15/13 order, I wanted to upgrade the PureOS 1.0 I had installed on my old AMD64 laptop, next to two other UNIX variant OSes.
After an initial attempt that I quickly aborted because of the above, I could almost recover from my triple OS setup. But that cost me a tough weekend.

After recovery, and a full disk backup, I tried again to install PureOS 2.0 from the ISO, but despite any attempt to customize the partitioning of the disk, it always uses the whole disk space.
Maybe I didn’t find the right knob to turn.

I guess I’ll have to wait for my Librems’ delivery before using that second incarnation of PureOS.

Do I sound disappointed ? Maybe a little more now… :frowning:


The only value I personally see in PureOS install ISOs is to be able to study or restore the initial loadout of the librem laptops. I’d just install Debian “stretch” (aka “testing” - https://www.debian.org/releases/testing/) or another distro under any other circumstances. PureOS isn’t particularly actively maintained, and PureOS 2.0 doesn’t add much on top of Debian stretch - pretty much just PureBrowser (and TorBrowser), and the kernel with customized “psmouse” driver for the touchpad.

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So true.
Thanks for the pointer to stretch. :slight_smile: