Puriam OS not opening normally can you help

Hi there the purism OS laptop has stopped loading up /opening normally. So I went to open in standard default boot and now cannot get into it see attached sign. What does it mean and where does it come from? I have had no problems using the laptop w librem key and now suddenly I cannot get into it. I tried with librem key connected and also unconnected and cannot get in via normal default boot load-up. it is strange BC even with the librem key not connected you can normally boot up in default mode no problems but now it does not boot up at all. It is the first time I left the librem key on the side in another place too. How do I boot up the normal purism OS default mode so I can get back to the documents? What is this new “waiting for lock” "(held by 134)"sign and where does it come from? Never had this before and am using the computer in a basic way. Can you help?

Many thanks