Purism and user documentation

I recently had a minor argument with Kyle about documentation or better the lack of documentation for L14 at https://docs.puri.sm/.
He pointed out that Purism created a lot of valuable documentation and published those in posts. True, there was some valuable documentation published, but what he fails to understand is context.I will provide an example here:
For all gnu tools which make up the gnu part of Linux/gnu exists different level of documentation.
At a very deep level is the source code documentation which is interweaved with the code.
There most likely is very valuable information there however this infomation is never accessed by most users. The user most likely will consult the manpage to find the information he/she needs.

And the same is true for the documentation at Purism. Kyle most likely is much deeper involved in all devices offered by Purism. So he considerds this information sufficient.
But that does not hold true for all of the customers.

So this is my lst try to nudge Purism to finally put user documentation up at https://docs.puri.sm/.