Purism announce: what happened?

Hi all,

Today I received an email, that was saying that I was unsubscribed from the Purism announcement mailing list. I tried to re-subscribe, but I received an error message that the address announce-join@announce.shop.puri.sm wasn’t existing anymore. Is that an issue with my email provider (disroot) or someone else has experienced that?


I only received “[Announce] Librem 5 updates and pre-order discount, Librem 15 v3 clearance sale” yesterday, no unsubscribe. Looks like an accident, then.
You could try to re-subscribe on the bottom of the puri.sm page.

I did, and it returned an error. Maybe it’s an issue with my email provider then

Actually, can you please tell me the email address of the message you received?

i got the same e-mail about unsubscribe:
“You have been unsubscribed from the Announce mailing list”
Would be nice to know what happened there.

I got on 5.Juli the same email as Caliga from the same sender Adresse:
“[Announce] Librem 5 updates and pre-order discount, Librem 15 v3 clearance sale”
On 6.Juli i got the unsubscribe email.

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I’ve got the same announcement email the 5th. But then, the 6th I’ve got the unsubscribe email.

I got the email yesterday. Nothing in the body.

Appears to have been sent from Announce announce-bounces@announce.puri.sm

I’ll forward full header in a PM to an admin if desired.

I’m thinking Outlook was rejecting emails or something like that and I was unsubscribed. I haven’t tried yet to subscribe again.

same here. Got the mail with the unsubscribe info on July 5th.

There was a minor error on our mailing system. Most should be already automatically returned to the list but if, not one just needs to subscribe again.

Sorry about this folks.

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