Purism chat server

I was going to make a discord server for unofficial purism/general security chat etc, but was wondering if anyone knew of a better service than discord (free)

I mean there’s IRC for text and mumble for voice. IRC is an open standard and mumble is FOSS. Mumble does have text but it’s not really designed for it.

Why not just use the Matrix chat?

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Yeah, I’d say join the Matrix chat, though IRC is also an option.

Matrix room:

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Purism maintains official community chatrooms on Matrix.

They have a general chatroom: #community/general@talk.puri.sm. It can be easily reached at the link posted above by @taylor-williamc.

I honestly completely forgot about Matrix


Did not know about matrix…

I knew purism had another chat room for it but didn’t know about matrix, I guess you learn something new every day.