Purism devkit when will be send to clients?

Hi. Devkit ordered and paid but cant get info anout availibity. So could anyone give me clear info about it?


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Its nice thank You, but it doesnt answer the question.

it doesn’t answer the question only because you haven’t read the blog post :slight_smile:

This means the dev kits will begin delivery in the latter part of August for the earliest orders while fulfilling other dev kits in September.

Thank You very much. Of course i havent.

well done, this is what you should always do when someone is trying to help you :wink:

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It looks like this will be delayed again.

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That information directly comes from @nicole.faerber. You can browse #librem5dev on the fediverse for reports on the latest news from the developers channel

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According to the dev channel dev kit shipment is delayed until October, a blog post should follow soon.