Purism devs managed to get something out of Librem 5 front camera

I just saw this new on reddit and I thought it was awesome!


Sourced from here if anyone wants technical details:


Yes it is awesome but the source it not really reddit. :slight_smile: The image was posted here:

Pretty sure it isn’t indeed :wink: But for me, reading Gitlab logs is pretty much like trying to find meaning in a ton of stuff like that spilled on the floor : https://i5.walmartimages.com/asr/9a898dae-f348-4ec4-8a52-e4df73a4cee3_1.a8f6e635f72665d4adc11ed8b2424889.jpeg?odnHeight=450&odnWidth=450&odnBg=FFFFFF


Reddit interface without any bloat:


I wonder how much does progress on the front camera benefit the back camera and vice versa? Or are the interfaces and hardware different enough that the two cameras are mostly separate problems?

Progress on one camera benefits the other already. They both use the same interface to communicate, and the receiver for each camera is the same. In fact, Martin fixed a couple issues affecting both already. Driving each sensor is separate, and the sensor and link parameters are different, but they still share the theoretical side: it’s images, and the way of transmitting them should be somewhat similar.


Does it feel like Mark Whatney trying to contact home, or is it just me…?

Edit (more realism): looks more like Perseverance first images. L5 is in the same league… :slight_smile:

Color version:

Quoting @dos from his reddit comments:
“at the moment - with no gain adjustment, lack of white balance configuration and limited to 640x480 resolution.”

"Yeah, this is 640x480 bayer data, which means that actual information density is even lower: each pixel only contains information about either red, green or blue channel, so to produce colorful image like the one here you need to interpolate between pixels of the same color to reconstruct two missing channels of every pixel.

For the reference, the front camera sensor is 3264x2448 (8M)."

This is an exciting development! :slightly_smiling_face:
And it’s only the selfie camera!


Also, this: https://social.librem.one/web/statuses/105751707781287952

I know in GitLab, the purpose of uploading these pics is to share progress with other devs and work on the issues, and not everyone looks in there. So, just want to say that I appreciate that Purism devs share these sorts of things on social media, as always.


wow ! looks like the quality of the mug shots that the NSA is going to take is top notch :sweat_smile:

btw i thought to post this here as well > https://displaycal.net/ even though the development seems to have stagnated for over a year now …