Purism Essential List of Free Software for Remote Work


Nice idea to publish this. Hits the point :).

I just have been looking for a solution for screen sharing - preferable on a window basis.

In Gnome I could use vino, but I do not really like the solution because …

  • I have to make sure my partner(s) can connect to tcp:5900
  • There is no easy way like with Teamviewer (not that I like it much, but connecting couldn’t be easier)
  • I have to give away my whole desktop even though I’d prefer to give away a certain workspace or an application window.

Any suggestions?


Theoretically*, if you have vino - empathy can share your desktop to another empathy client by transparenty proxying vnc via xmpp.

* - I’m using tp-gable from git and currently it’s in a quite a bad shape - namely doesn’t support TLS1.2 so I was unable to test and prove it actually works.


In the article they list Jitsi for videoconferencing and it allows to share your desktop too:


Yes, I read some about Jitsi and still have it on my list of very interesting things. Will try to use it to get into personal contact with an au-pair we are looking for ;-).

Looked for further information about desktop sharing and found:

  • It’s possible to share your desktop so others can view it, but it’s not possible for others to interact with your desktop
  • Information is from the link below which describes that it is not just that easy to get that feature to work (which does not make it less interesting).



Your link seems outdated, last December they even introduced presenter mode:

Here some documentation


Was going to suggest Jitsi as I use it with Rocket Chat. It’s pretty great.

RC is working on baking their own video conferencing functionality as well which too will include screen sharing.


The last LibrePlanet online conference was made by Jitsi:
Speakers were connected all over the world sharing their desktops