Purism internships

Do purism other summer internships?
In particular, I’m a Robotics student in the UK, although so far its been mostly Electrical Electronic Engineering with a taster of Mechanical.
In my first year so not very experienced yet, but I’ve used GNU/Linux since year 9 so I know the system quite well.
So yeah I couldn’t see anything on the site so I thought I’d post here.


I don’t think Purism has the manpower or financial resources to offer paid internships (though it would be cool if I’m wrong). They might allow unpaid/volunteer work, but again, supervising that could potentially slow them down.

But, you may want to consider a GNOME internship, since Purism is working closely with GNOME.


Several of the listed internship projects at least look relevant to Purims’s interests, and you might also be able to ask to work on something more directly related.