Purism Librem 14 for sale

Hello all,

I am looking to sell my Librem 14. I just recently got this, but decided it wasn’t for me. I am too much of a ThinkPad fanboy.

It’s the base model that normally goes for 1600. I also have a Librem Key I can include (I was using it to try to help develop heads years ago). I even got the GUI ported over to the ThinkPad X230 once.

It’s on eBay here, https://www.ebay.com/itm/154575617740. However, I am happy to offer a discount if you buy from me on here directly. I would like to at least get what I paid for it after fees.




May I know what exactly there is in ThinkPad that you don’t find in Librem?
I am a MacBook user looking for Linux solutions after recent updates from Apple.

Certain potential security vulnerabilities? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenovo#Controversies


I run coreboot on my ThinkPads.

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I like the trackpoint interface a lot better.

the question was actually rather about in what way ThinkPad benefits comparing to Librem14, coz, as I can see from the specifications of the the latter, it is a very solid machine with huge room to upgrade in future if needed.

It’s a good machine. However, I use the trackpoint a lot.


I’ve been using Thinkpads since 2004 and am using a Thinkpad usb keyboard with the same size and layout as a T14 keyboard, including the trackpoint. It is just too convenient to not have to lift your hands to work the mouse (I use a separate mouse as well though).

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Not too familiar with the model so apologies if this is answered elsewhere, but Is the RAM easily upgradable?

Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel.

Yes, there is 2 RAM slots. You can put up to 64GB of DDR4 in it.

Great! Are the slots easily accessible?

Yes, you remove the bottom case screws and peel off the bottom case. There are pictures on the Purism website showing this.

Awesome, sorry for all the questions, I haven’t done my research, but I am interested if it meets my needs. Last question: I have a monitor with a USB hub that I can run both the display and USB devices to a laptop with one USB c cable. Do you know if the laptop can support this? Reading the product page I can’t tell if display is supported through one USB c port and data on the other or if data is supposed on both, but only one does display.

The data and charge works on the right side. It does not have thunderbolt though.