Purism Librem Laptop for Qubes OS


I’m thinking of buying a Librem laptop to run qubes os on. Although checking the hcl list on qubes webpage only lists the Librem 13v2 as having full support for all bells n whistles.

Are there any of you that are running cubes is on your purism laptops with hvm, ioummu, slat and Tpm working and in that case what laptop are you using and what version? Want to verify that everything works before investing over 2000$ in it.

Also have any of you gotten the purism USB key to work with qubes to verify the integrity of boot and everything else at boot?

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @Clearnetuser , yes you can install Qubes on the latest versions of our laptops, several Librem Laptop users do it, as do some of our team members.


Yes, I am running Qubes 4 on my Librem 15 v4 - works perfectly! I keep firmware up to date by booting PureOS from a USB stick. Let me know if I can help!

(BTW, haven’t gotten TPM to work yet.)

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