Purism Merchandise

I was hoping to create a conversation of Purism merchandise.
Quite a lot of people are speculating that Purism has run into an issue with their finances and quite a lot of businesses increase their funding through smaller miscellaneous items such as pens, notebooks, etc.

Personally, I’d be happy to purchase a few items knowing that the profit would go towards funding Purism.

What are everyone’s thoughts?


For overseas customers, the shipping cost can be prohibitively high. I mean tolerable with a $600+ phone, not so good with a $20 t-shirt etc.


Purism may consider to cooperate with a regional partner for Europe and maybe other regions.

P.S.: I would consider buying. Ideally with some cool designs with the L5 or so. Or with something about freedom, ownership and privacy.

Purism’s logo alone I’m not sure. It is nice in it’s simplicity but it’s not fancy.


T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee cups, mouse pads, stuffed penguins…
µSD cards, external storage drives, USB drives…

Assuming Purism could acquire these things at wholesale prices, it could be profitable. Other vendors have done this kind of thing.

And I’ve said it before, but if Purism ever markets a freed network router, I’ll buy one immediately. I know I could make my own with available open source firmware, or buy one from one company I know of, but I would rather trust Purism with that.

Edit: To be clear, I am not speculating about Purism’s financial situation, nor do I think I or anyone else here has enough facts at hand to do so.

I’m curious, though, if Purism has ever considered offering some additional merchandise like the above for sale to the community.

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A protective case for the L5 would be “Job One,” of course!


My sense is that Purism is quite competent at managing their finances. For instance, they just raised a kickfurther to purchase more Librem mini’s; a financially appropriate move, in my opinion.

A problem on this forum is that there are a number of people (I won’t name names but spend time on the forum and it will be obvious) who confidently spout apocalyptic scenarios and give advice to Purism about how they should run the business.


Thank you for the information.

I based the statement on what I’ve read in the forum, but obviously it may be misinformation.

Further to my previous comment, the kickfurther you linked has a point that states

“ * Unboxing Edward Snowden’s Favorite Laptop

Does anyone actually know if Snowden has made any comment on Purism?

I am not sure that I would characterize it as misinformation: there are a number of people who are competent technically and believe that their competence extends to other areas and confidently repeat their opinions as if they were facts. The problem with this lack of self-discipline is that it pollutes the knowledge space and forces the rest of us to waste our time wading through baseless opinions.