Purism Mini failed boot

After upgrading my system now only boots to recovery shell. Screen says gpg verify signatures failed
Failed default boot

Any ideas? I am a novice in Linux so any help would be appreicated.


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I can’t directly answer your question but I think more info is needed:

  • what hardware?
  • what firmware? Coreboot? Pureboot?
  • using a Librem Key?

Thanks for the reply. I have the purism mini running with the Librem key and pureboot. I entered my PIN wrong and it locked me out from booting. I was able to force it to boot and reset my PIN on the key but i think i have to update the pureboot so it recognizes the new PIN. Is this correct?

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Cant you just re-sign the whatcha-callit? Er - update checksums and sign /boot ?

You should be able to boot even if you have to ignore tamper warnings or missing libremkey etc.
That is - if you cant boot it should not be due to the librem key.

If you are still stuck I might be able to “remember” what I had to to to get out of a similar bind .
I am pretty sure that I just had to "update checksums and sign /boot "
Good luck and post here if u are still stuk. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen this happen on Librem Mini and Server with Librem Key. Default setup, whatever ships with system. I think it may occur if you enter your PIN wrong two or three times when signing boot after updating the kernel. Then when you reboot, it boots up fine, until you get this:

Automatic boot in 5 seconds unless interrupted by keypress...

Attempting default boot...

*** Found verified kexec boot params
gpg: verify signatures failed: Unknown system error
Invalid signature on kexec boot params
!!!!! Failed default boot
!!!!! Starting recovery shell

And it drops you into a root shell prompt.

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I have the same problem … just get the mini today … after 1 hr the screen stopped working …after rebooting this issue comes as mentioned.
Is someone how can help?

turing purebot initialisation hit escape
to invoke pureboot menu, then find in menu sign /boot content and hit it.
adn when you locked key by issuing wrong pin.
you will have to go with it to different machine.
invoke gpg --card-edit
unlock pin, (you will have to remember admin pin in order to unlock pin

or if you totally forgotten , you will have to issue factory reset from pureboot advanced menu, and regenerate key,

good luck

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