Purism refuses to register my Librem 5 refund request

I’ve requested a refund on Dec 8, 2021. But nothing has been changed in the order status, so, last night, I’ve asked support:

Why is the order status still ‘Awaiting Shipment’?
I want the order status to reflect the fact that I’ve requested a refund.
I want my refund request to be properly registered. Why is that not done?
I want to be promptly refunded! Give me back my money.

They’ve just replied with:

“Pre-orders from 2018 will come in line in Q1 2022 (January-February-March timeframe), your pre-order will be cancelled at that point. Thanks for understanding.”

What? They won’t do it? That’s a violation of my consumer right to ask for a refund.

This is what I’m expecting to see also on my order:

But my order status still has ‘Awaiting Shipment’ like nothing has happened.

Was your refund request registered in the store database?

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I’m curious. I’ve heard of “refund registers” for taxes, but not private biz. Or is it just a way of saying you want it properly recorded somewhere?

I’ve also noticed that “awaiting shipment” column never changes, even after delivery. Bad web page, bad software. But I’ve mentioned that in other threads.

Shouldn’t the store database reflecting the reality? Isn’t that database of orders the official information between me and them?

When the authorities will investigate them won’t they look at the orders there? If the orders are not properly updated with the refund request information, the investigators would just see a ‘clean’ database. Would they go through the pile of Support emails to find the reality?

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There is a general requirement of internal financial records that are the source of truth. You do not have a right to those internal records.

Once the request is submitted any company can track that however they choose and provide as much or as little feedback as they choose, so long as the financial transactions themselves are recorded properly.

In short, your evidence provided does not show Purism refusing to do anything only that they have chosen not to update a portal created for convenience and that they have stated when they will choose to take action.

Your disagreement with that timeline is not proof of their refusal.

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To expand on what OpojOJirYAlG said:

From what I’ve seen in practice, an Order’s status flag only has to indicate “cancelled”. Then it becomes a matter of Accounts Receivable (Invoices and Credit Memos) to indicate funds were returned (or not). In simpler older systems, a negative Invoice is a Credit Memo.

It is also possible a business accounting system may be separate and distinct from its web pages, which may or may not eflect reality. Web pages may be updated haphazardly or not at all. A web page is not the business system, just a web page. It only shows what the biz will allow you (the customer) to see.

When will they investigate? You’d have to ask the investigators not their target. Not that they’d comment on an investigation.

eMails: Yes I’ve seen investigators pour through emails. If you have an email saying any such thing, print it with full headers. Presuming any such investigative body accepts your input.


And although that page can show a “Pending Refund” status, for me it’s still showing an “Awaiting Shipment” status. That’s not at all reassuring. I cannot infer from it that the “business system” has my refund request. It may be that Purism Support just rejected it without registering it in “the system”. The Financial would have no idea that they have to refund me.

That web page is a feedback to me of what’s going on. Else, it wouldn’t existed in the first place. I’ve demanded again for it to be updated to reflect my refund request, and of course, to be promptly refunded. But what if Purism Support stops my demands at their level?

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After all the hullabaloo about them using the phrase “In Stock,” it makes zero sense that you would pay any attention to “Awaiting Shipment.”

Meaning we should just not trust anything that Purism tells us?


Infer what you will.

I have had my librem.one email since 2019, it still says “awaiting shipment” and I expect it will always say so. (Notwithstanding you can’t ship a service.) I’ve never worried about it. A poor web display is not an accounting ledger.

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I have my phone in my hands right now, and it still says “Awaiting shipment”.


Just noticed that my order status is now: Pending refund

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