Purism’s Librem 5 Progress in Videos


I wasn’t really serious about my statments, I just rather blamed a script than a human. I guess @leetaur nailed it.
Hey, @Torrone, I hope they don’t delay shipment until all bugs are fixed (a.k.a. eternity). A mostly working update mechanism is all that’s needed :wink:


Not all bug but windows manager, calls, text messages and the web browser have to work!


The news here state that there will be a day skipped - so no more waiting for today. I always think I should get some distance to be less addicted…


I stayed up until 11:30 yesterday waiting. Then waited all day today. That’s 2 days skipped. I should go outside or something.


I hope they’re not posting videos anymore because they’re working on an update saying they’re building the first batch and will ship soon. :drooling_face:


Well, Bryan Lunduke is the marketing guy, most likely doing the videos pretty much on his own, so I think the other stuff still gets sufficient attention.


Bryan was sick for a day or two (mentioned in one of the Matrix rooms), so that is why there was a pause in the videos (and so yes, it seems it’s just him).


it was also done in order to organise into weeks (7 per week no ?)


Studies have shown that the last day of a week is typically followed by the first day of the following week. Scientists take that as evidence that there are no gaps between weeks. However, further research has to be conducted, especially in light of recent events where a company was found to redefine the third week of a series to have only 6 days, followed by a 2 day gap. It is yet unclear if week four might also just contain 6 days in order to avoid further space time distortions.


DOSBox… I believe that at the end of the series they should show us Librem 5 running Doom.


Well, it runs Quake II already, not even needing an emulator :wink:
Librem 5 June Software Update (video inside)


I can run Emacs on my smartphone on AOSP(with integrated modified Alpine distro):sunglasses:



First of the “daily” videos where they used a finger instead of a stylus :slight_smile: Looks responsive.


Yea . I can see the lag from the " oBsoLeTe sPeCs ". Doesnt look so end of the world does it?

So many critics even from the linux community were like " errr nerrr quad core equivalent to snapdragon 425 . So bad. Not worth it"

Looks pretty good to me.


I’m curious to know more about how the cloud accounts integrate since they’re in the settings page.


It should be the same as on the desktop, so install any Linux distro with a recent version of Gnome and you can try out the features yourself. The only difference should be the adaptive interface for the smaller screen.


You should test the qemu image … https://developer.puri.sm/Librem5/Development_Environment/Boards/qemu.html?highlight=qemu
things like cloud accounts and syncing can be tested.